Enel Green Power

In the Tuscan hinterland that goes from the Province of Siena to the province of Grosseto there is an important and extensive district for the exploitation of geothermal energy, unique in the world for the technologies in use and quantity of electricity produced. Only in the district of Larderello the approximately 70 steam power stations produce more than 300 Megawatts of electricity.

Marly, in this context, has been collaborating for many years with Enel Green Power, a company that has managed this district since the early years of the century (the first perforation was performed in 1907). This multi-year collaboration has led Marly to develop customized products that fully satisfy Enel's demanding technical specifications for these applications.
The exploitation of the Larderello deposits consists in withdrawing the steam from the subsoil with wells that reach even at a depth of 6.000m, where the steam has a pressure higher than 40 Bar and a temperature that can exceed 200 ° C

The steam is conveyed with special steel pipes in the production plants and converted into electricity by means of steam turbines.
The Marly pumps intervene in the next phase, when the steam re-condensed, after the production process, is collected and re-injected into the wells of the underlying geothermal field, to transform the water re-condensed into new steam for electrical production triggering a virtuous cycle of clean energy.

Marly pumps are also used in the intermediate phases called "AMIS" where the steam is "cleaned" by minerals and aggressive components that could harm the environment and the equipment of the plant.
In these phases the Marly pumps must work with a high percentage of chemicals such as caustic soda and high temperature geothermal water.

In the picture below, you can see a Marly pump at work: model HP 100-4 produced in AISI 316 cast steel with a capacity of 250m3 / h, and a head of 200m; the installed power of the electric motor is 150 kw. This pump is part of a "Re-Injection" pumping plant of wells that treats condensation water at about 80 ° C moderately aggressive.