The Damietta Egypt Power Plant

The new Egyptian government IN 2014, has started an important industrial plan and development of economic activities, this plan is supported by a large national project of electricity production which is intended to accompany and promote growth and economic expansion.

The Damietta power plant, located on the north-east coast of the Mediterranean, alongside the Suez Canal, is part of this new economic expansion plan and with its 500 MW expansion of electricity production, participates in the plan national consolidation of energy production.

In fact, within the next year the central government has planned to run new plants for a total increase in energy production of about 10,000 MW.

This new Damietta power plant, to which Marly has supplied 22 submersible pumps , consists of new 4 gas turbines with a power of 125MW each, which go alongside the four existing ones for a total production of about 900MW.

In the photo above, you can see the 4 existing turbines in the background and, in the foreground, 3 of the 4 new turbines just installed.

Marly in this project has supplied 22 submersible pumps of the size of 8 ", produced in stainless steel alloy of the" Super Duplex "type.

The model of the supplied pump is of the "E8C / 2R" type, with semi-axial impellers; coupled to a 6 "motor with a power of 12 HP; the engine is also produced entirely in "super duplex" steel and is of the rewindable type with "Pe2 + Pa" windings.

The pump delivers 80 m3 / h with a head of 30m, the liquid is ground water with a high sodium chloride content.

The reason for the need to have all parts of the super duplex steel electric pump , lies in the fact that the plant is located a few hundred meters from the sea coast, therefore important infiltration of seawater into the groundwater table.

The task of the Marly submersible pumps is to pump brackish water from the subsoil and store it in the 3 storage tanks shown in the picture on the side.

This water will be treated in the purification plant, to remove the aggressive minerals (sodium chloride) present. Once "purified" the water will be used to cool the gas turbines of the plant. The water collected, after the cooling cycle, will be channeled into underground reservoirs and used for agricultural irrigation and public green areas.

The phases of installation of submerged pumps in the wells


The wells have a depth of about 170 meters and have a double casing: steel in the outer diameter and techno-polymer in inside diameter where the pump will be dropped.

The pumps are lowered to a depth of about 50 meters, as the static water level is about 2 meters above the ground. During the descent phase, the pump is equipped with a hydrodynamic level sensor, which will keep the well level of the well controlled to prevent the pump from working with a low water level.


The final phases of the installation foresee with the control of the pump performances with the pressure and flow relief instruments installed on a mobile delivery pipe.

These pumps will feed the accumulation tanks with a total capacity of 1700 m3 / h and will operate 24 hours a day. All 22 pumps will be powered by "VFD" devices for variable speed pumps to guarantee very precise and precise refrigerant regulation.